Who are Catalogues247?

Everything you need under the sun is now available over the internet. Through online shopping, you can already purchase things like clothes, gadgets, tools and many others. And in order to make online shopping more convenient, companies like Catalogues247 have been established. If you are looking for reliable information regarding online shopping on credit, Catalogues247 will surely be of great help.


Catalogues247 is a UK-based company of individuals who are experts in the field of catalogus. Since online shopping on credit is becoming popular, Catalogues 247 has been created to provide online shoppers with information on credit options available in UK, available vouchers and discount codes for particular catalogues and many others. Catalogues247 can also be very helpful for newbie’s in the field of credit online shopping.


Catalogues247 generally offers particular catalogues of products such as clothing, electricals, appliances and furniture. You can also find a list of the newest gadgets, computers, televisions and gaming products. The company showcases several different brands of products for you to choose from.

Credit options

Different catalogues offer different credit options. You can find information on the different credit options offered by the company as you visit Catalogues247.

Payment Methods

There are several ways on how you can choose to pay a product you see in Catalogues247. Some companies linked with Catalogues247 offer Buy Now, Pay Later payment method while others offer instalment payments. Debit/credit payment, direct payment and post with cash or cheque may also be allowed depending on the company’s terms and conditions. In order for you to be allowed to purchase products on credit, you must be of good credit standing. Credit purchase companies usually assess applicants before they are allowed to purchase products on credit.

For your application to be approved, you must provide the company with certain information. You also have to inform the company of your bank accounts and other financial details. Once your application is approved, you can shop online on credit and choose payment methods offered by the company. Catalogues247 will help in having your application be approved by credit companies.

Catalogues247 membership

When you become a member of Catalogues247, you get a chance to access thousands of different catalogues available in the UK. Hence, you no longer need to go to stores for your regular shopping. Since many catalogues offer free delivery services, you can also avail of such incentives.

Application for membership in Catalogues247 is very easy. You just have to visit the official website of the company and fill out their information form. You can then navigate through varieties of catalogues available in Catalogues247.

Improving your credit rating

You must maintain your credit rating in order to continue access with Catalogues247 and online shopping on credit companies. You can do this by simply making purchases and having them paid on their due dates. If you are unable to pay, you must inform the company immediately to prevent a missed payment.

Catalogues247 can also help you in dealing with bad credit standing. With the expertise of the owners of the site, you can surely improve your bad credit standing and enjoy shopping online on credit just like all other shoppers.