Which Payment Methods do Catalogues Accept?

If you are a new customer and are ordering for the first time from UK catalogues, you will be asked to register online first. After agreeing to the terms and conditions of the retailer, you will be created an account which you must sign in every time that you want to purchase an item. You will then be issued with a printable payment slip or it can even be mailed to you. The following are the accepted methods of payment by UK catalogues.

Bank payments
This involves simply making a payment over the counter of a respective branch. Make sure that you keep a copy of the bank slip and later show it to your catalogue company should there be a dispute. Bank payments can also be through the phone or online. In the case of phone banking, you will be required to have a sort code, the customer number as well as the catalogue’s account number.

In case you already have an account with PayPal, it will be very easy for you to make payments online. On the payment page of the catalogue merchant, choose your preferred method of payment as PayPal. You will be led to your PayPal login page. Next, the system will show you all the order details and ask you to confirm payment.

Direct Debit
You can make direct debits by calling the catalogue merchant’s payment line or by even sending them a message. Once this has been done, a Direct Debit will be so arranged where the catalogue company will collect the money after an agreed period of time mostly on a monthly basis. You will be able to see all direct debits on your bank records.

Online payments
This involves making online payments on a catalogue merchant’s website using a credit or a debit card. It offers the easiest mode of payment. Before you make any payment, log into your account, check what your current balance is to know if it can fund the purchase and then pay using the card. The cards accepted here are MasterCard, Maestro and Visa Card among others.

Cheque or Postal Order
Under this method, you just need to write your personal customer identification number at the back side of the postal order or check and then have it mailed to your catalogue retailer together with your completed payment slip or order form. All cheques need to be payable to a specific employee or account holder as indicated on the forms.

Other methods of payment that are accepted by UK catalogues include through Post and Payzone.