Where to Spread the Cost on a Snooker Table

Snooker and pool are exciting indoor games. While snooker is played mostly for competition, pool is a favourite of many. Pool is one of those games that has the power to make a social event a little more exciting. Both games test your aim and concentration and the types of shots played are sometimes just mind boggling. For this, among many other reasons, a lot of people just have to have one of the two in their games room.

pool table

Get financing on pool and snooker tables
If you are one of those individuals who must play pool, then you should consider getting a pool or snooker table. Spreading the cost across months is a good way to get you games room the one item it is missing. This option is especially viable for clubs seeking to become competitive and challenge for tournaments. Getting a number of tables with financing enable these entities to kick start their events.

Financing options for all types of tables
The design of the table and the accessories therein work to hike the price. With financing options, competitive players can get the exact models they need while individual clients get the chance to enjoy bespoke models.

No ARP charged
Some of the best deals when it comes to pool and snooker tables come with no added interest. The financing option may, however, not be available for all models so you need to confirm with your dealer.

Flexible payment times
Financing options are meant to take some pressure off by allowing you some time to come up with the payments. Dealers have a wide variety of payment programs which span for 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 months. With such flexible time lines, cue sports lovers have a lot of choices.

Qualifying for a financing program
The criteria may vary according to the dealer. However, the gist of it is to establish that the client can afford monthly payments. Such lenders also consider whether the client is a permanent resident of the UK among other things.

Get a “no deposit” financing program
In most cases, financing programs of this type require the buyer to pay an initial deposit of a certain amount (between 20%-50% of the total price). However, there are dealers now offering financing for pool and snooker tables without the initial deposit. You go through a simple online buying process if you qualify for the financing program and days later, the gaming gear is delivered to your address.

Different types of gaming equipment can easily be acquired through financing options. Look around and find yourself a good deal.