Where to Buy a Fridge Freezer on Interest Free Credit

There is no denying that appliances make the house feel like a home. As such, you want the best and the most functional in your home. However, in your quest to find the best, you will encounter the stumbling block that is finances. This shouldn’t deter you from finding your choice of fridge freezer. There are a lot of options to go with out there.

fridge freexer

Interest-free credit is one way to get exactly what you want even though your bank account suggests a compromise. Here are a few stores that offer interest-free credit where you can get pay weekly on a fridge freezer you’ve been eyeing for a while:

1. Littlewoods
The Littlewoods catalogue will have you wishing you could buy everything. There are lots of designs from the contemporary metallic colours to the traditional white. The sizes are also varied between the smaller fridge freezers and the two door units.
Littlewoods has a pay later policy that involves credit-free purchases whose instalments can be spread over a span of two years or shorter depending on the amount. Clients can get appliances interest-free for as little as £50 and spread it over 12 months.

2. Sonicdirect
Sonicdirect has a simple way of doing things when it comes to interest-free purchases. As you shop online, you may spot the kind of fridge freezer that you have been looking for; all you need to do is call and give them your details and that is it. Once you are approved for the item, their customer care will handle everything else from processing your credentials to delivering your appliance to your home. The terms and conditions of the purchase, however, change if the interest-free period runs out before you complete payments, reverting the debt to a 29.8% APR scheme, spread over 2 years.

3. Gardiner Haskins
Hotpoint, Beko, Samsung, Hisense, you name it they’ve got it. This store will overwhelm you when it comes to variety and size. With all the models on offer, it’s only fair that there be a way to help you get what you want. Gardiner Haskins offers interest-free credit with no APR charges. If you want a fancy upgrade then you might want to consider Gardiner Haskins. The interest-free purchases start from £199 with payment instalments spread over 6 months. The time span for purchases of £499 and over is 6 months or more. The only problem with their pay later policy is that you can only get it in-store.