Where Can you Pay Weekly on a TV?

With many home shopping catalogues nowadays, you can pay weekly, fortnightly or monthly, using their flexible finance schemes as long as the total payment required is made on time. Though it’s true that most companies offering credit are set up for monthly payments by direct debit. There are some catalogue companies that do specifically offer weekly repayments on TV’s, the best of which are: Buy as You View, Homebuy and Dial a TV.


Buy as You View
Customers have a Smart Meter fitted which connects the TV to the power supply to manage and collect weekly payments. customers can also choose to pay by monthly Direct Debit, PayPoint or cash. The application process does involve a home visit however, no online approval with Buy as You View! But the home visit should only take 20 minutes or so to discuss the agreement, check proof of ID/address/income and sign the paperwork. Once signed delivery of the TV will be arranged with in 72 hours.

With Homebuy you simply select the TV you would like a wide range and apply online. They will then give you a call once the application has passed their affordability and credit checks. Once again a home visit will be required to check ID and proof of address, plus get the contract signed. Homebuy TV’s are sold on a hire purchase basis, this means that the TV belongs to Homebuy until the final agreed payment is made. However, you can source 32 inch Freeview ready flat-screen TV’s from Homebuy for less than £4 per week!

Dial a TV
Dial a TV allows customers to pay weekly and get hold of the latest TV’s brands with affordable payments. Their range includes Smart TV’s, HD Ready TV’s, 3D models and more. A new TV is so affordable at Dial a TV by spreading the cost with weekly payments and no deposit. Home delivery is also included in the price of all TV’s. There is no home visit required, however you do need to pass the affordability and credit checks.