Where can I Rent a Washing Machine?

Has your washing machine broken down or you need another washing machine urgently? If you do not want to buy one currently, you have the option of renting one for the period of time you will need it.


Top 3 websites where you can rent-to-own a washing machine

1. R & M Rentals
This company provides rental services for a variety of products including TVs. They have a wide variety of washing machines, each with its own rate. They offer fantastic credit options where you can pay weekly on washing machines and lots of other home appliances and electricals. To qualify for this service, a credit check will be performed. You will be required to fill in an online application form. The details required on the form include your personal details, your employment information and home information including whether it is rented, bought or mortgaged.

If you qualify, the washing machine will be delivered to your address for the specified period of time.

2. Forbes Rentals
Forbes Rentals also offer rental of many products. The service is only available to people over the age 18. You can rent a washing machine for a maximum period of 24 months. However, if you applied as a student, the maximum time is 9 months. Your details will be required to determine whether you qualify to rent the washing machine or not. Some of the details include your personal information as well as your financial situation. The company’s sales advisor will contact you to complete the remaining section of the form. If you qualify, you will confirm the products you want to rent, the method of payment you will use and a convenient delivery time.

3. Hughes
Hughes offers rentals of various home appliances. You can rent washing machines from 13 pounds a week depending on the brand you want to rent. If you qualify to rent a washing machine, it will be delivered to your home within a short time and it will be installed. Additionally, a demonstration is done on how to use the machine. The delivery, installation and demonstration are all free of charge.