Spread the Cost on your new Fridge

A new fridge can be an extremely expensive purchase; but, buy now pay later schemes and catalogues are a great way to reduce that burden. Due to the fact that there are many catalogues you can shop with, it is important to know what to look for, and where you should shop, when you are purchasing a new fridge on finance.

Dial a TV
One site where you can purchase a fridge on finance is www.dialatv.co.uk. On this site, customers have the option to make weekly payments. Further, there is no down payment required when making the purchase. Free installation is offered, and deliveries are made to customers within 7 days of deciding on the new fridge. And, customers will have all the top brands and latest models to choose from.

Perfect Home
Another site consumers can purchase from is www.perfecthome.co.uk. Delivery and installation and unlimited repairs are included with the finance purchase. Products are delivered within 7 days to customers, and consumers will find the latest models, and most well known appliance brand names when purchasing with the site.

Approved Catalogues
Another great reference site is www.approvedcatalogues.co.uk. This site will provide you with different catalogues that sell refrigerators, and other large appliances, on finance. Customers may compare the latest models, consider the interest rates, payment terms, and other factors, such as customer service, in order to decide where to make the purchase. Depending on the type of fridge, the requirements (such as credit checks, down payments, etc), and the top name brands you want to buy, every consumer is going to choose to make the purchase through a different financing company, or buy now pay later catalogue.

Due to the fact that there is more than one option available to you, consumers should consider all of them in order to find the best prices, the best financing terms, and to ensure they find the fridge they want, for the best payment terms. By simply comparing a few of the top financing catalogues and sites, you will find different repayment terms, and payment options to choose from, when purchasing a new fridge. And, in many cases, you might find a better price for the new fridge, and lower interest rates when you choose to finance the purchase, by simply comparing a few of the top finance companies which you can order your new fridge with.