Where Can I Buy a Digital Camera on Credit?

When shopping for a new camera, there are a number of sites and catalogues UK customers can order through, when they would like to pay on finance. There are sites which offer no credit check financing, while others will require the customer to undergo a credit check prior to applying. Regardless of the type of camera you are shopping for, there is more than one place you can purchase from, and different financing options available to customers.



One such site where customers may finance the purchase of their new digital camera is littlewoods.com. They offer discounts on the first purchase that is made on credit, they offer a variety of cameras to choose from, and they provide customers with different financing terms to choose from when making the purchase. The site also offers no payment period, for a period of up to 12 months, allowing you to pay the full price at a later date, and take the new camera home today.

Clifton Cameras

You can also purchase your new digital camera on finance through cliftoncameras.co.uk. For all purchases of £299 and up, customers will be able to finance the purchase price for the new camera. A deposit is required with the purchase, and the APR will vary based on the type of financing the customer chooses. Customers can choose from 6, 12, 18, 24, or 36 month payment terms, allowing them to pay off the full price in more time, or save on the interest rates by paying the full purchase price off in a shorter period of time.

Wex Photographic

At wexphotographic.com, customers can also find great financing deals and options for purchasing a new digital camera. A 36 month loan period is offered, with a six month deferral period, where customers do not have to make any payments. And, customers do not have to put down any deposit, in order to take advantage of the great financing terms that are offered through this site.

There is more than one way to purchase a new digital camera, and financing the purchase is one of the easiest ways to purchase now, and pay later. Not only does this allow you to buy the best cameras on the market, it also allows you to purchase the accessories you need, and finance the entire purchase price. Whether it is a hobby or your career, these are a few great sites to consider, when you want to finance the purchase of a new digital camera.