Top 3 Stores which allow Weekly Payments

If you want to buy items but cannot afford the full amount, you can shop at pay weekly stores that will not require you to pay upfront for the goods.

Top 3 Pay Weekly Stores

1. Perfect Home
Perfect Home sell a variety of goods including electronics and furniture and they have stores all around the UK. In order to enjoy this privilege, you need to fill in an application form that is available online. Applications are usually approved or declined within minutes of submission. Some of your personal information will be required including proof of your identity, proof of income in form of a wage slip or a benefit wage and the last piece of information required will be 2 proofs of residence. For proof of residence, you can use your utility bill, benefit statement or council tax statement.
You can visit the store and discuss the weekly payment plan or you can contact Perfect Home via email or phone call. The contact information can be found on their website.

2. Pay Weekly Store
The online store sells various products including furniture, mobile phones, household appliances and accessories among other things. To qualify to get goods and pay in instalments, you need to sign up for an account on the website. A credit check and affordability check are conducted to determine whether you qualify or not. If you have bad credit, there is still a chance you may qualify. If you are approved, a deposit is taken from your debit or credit card and a direct debit from your bank account is set up. The item will then be delivered to your place of residence.

3. PerfectHome
PerfectHome specialises in furniture and electronic products including laptops, computers, televisions, washing machines and dishwashers among many others. They offer flexible weekly payments without a deposit. Depending on the product you want, you can pay within 4,3,2 or 1 year. However, there is an offer whereby you do not incur any interest. The price of the item is spread within 12 weeks and you pay the original price within the 12 weeks. To qualify, you need to visit the store with your details including proof of identity, proof of income and proof of address. After verification and approval, you can go with the item or it can be delivered to your place.