Top 3 Catalogues for Plus Size Women

Plus-size women who want to find the perfect fit and styles, should shop through plus-size catalogues. However, not all online catalogues offer plus-size clothing, especially for older women. There are a select few however, which do sell a wide range of items for all women of all shapes and sizes online. When shopping online these are some of the top plus-size catalogues for women online.

plus –
This site caters to plus-size and curvy women. Sizes 14-32 are available on the site so women of all sizes will find clothing which conforms to their body. No longer do you have to worry about finding the perfect look and style only to find it is only made for petite women. With women can find dresses, outerwear, swimwear, and clothing for any event or occasion, for a reasonable price online. –
This site also caters to plus-size women, with sizes running from 16-34 on their site. Free delivery is available for all orders on the site for £50 or higher. Wide fit shoes are also available on the site, so you don’t have to limit yourself to clothing online, the site carries a little bit of something for all women, regardless of their size and desired styles. Shoes, clothing, accessories, dresses, nightwear, and all the styles and designer-names you love can be found for a reasonable price on this site. –
A third site for plus-size women to visit is Not only will women find sizes which run from 14 and up, but the catalogue also carries the styles and varieties which are available for petite women in the plus-size section. So, if there is a specific dress, top, or shoes you love in smaller sizes, you’ll likely find them in the plus-size section as well.

No matter what your style, what your size, or what desired look you’re going for, women who need larger sizes can find them on these three sites. In addition to specialised looks and fits for women who are on the curvier side, the catalogues also custom-tailor clothing for all sizes, so the clothing will fit your body as it should and conform to the curves you would like to cover when wearing your new clothing. The perfect look, great pricing, and styles for all plus-size women are available on these great catalogue sites.