Top 3 Catalogues for Buying Jewellery

Have you ever thought of buying jewellery for a loved or a friend only to realize that you cannot afford a specific piece? Well, there are alternative ways of making a special person happy by paying for that jewellery. You can start by considering a catalogue company that will let you pay for the jewellery in instalments on weekly or monthly basis.

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A catalogue company enables you to budget effectively and lets you settle your account over long period of time. The most important part is however finding the best catalogue company. Here are top 3 UK Catalogues for buying jewellery on credit.

At Argos you can set up a personal account with a credit balance. There is no set duration for holding that account. Therefore, you can pay for jewellery over longer period of time. Argos also features a wide variety of jewellery including famous brands known all over the world like Jon Richard and Sekonda.

You can pay for the items bought on monthly instalments upon receiving a monthly statement. They will tell you your outstanding balance and how you should pay it.

Lookagain is among the most successful catalogue companies in the United Kingdom you can rely on. They have different types of jewellery accessories for women such as bracelets, necklaces and rings. They also offer several jewellery sets complete with items that you can match other or wear separately. Whether you need a gift for a colleague, relative, female friend or yourself, Lookagain will sell it to you on credit.

They also offer clothing for plus sized women -12 to 32. To take advantage of all these, you will have to open a personal account with Lookagain and spread the cost of all items you have bought. You will get a monthly statement from them listing all items you have bought, your balance and what your monthly remittances should be.

Very is a one of the top 3 UK catalogues for buying jewellery on credit that offers the most flexible repayment options upon opening a personal account with them. They offer jewellery accessories for both men and women and in their stores you will find watches, bracelets and necklaces among other items. For any jewellery you buy from Very, you can use the Company’s “Buy Now, Pay Later” option.

In this arrangement, you don’t have to pay for the items for the next 12 months. Alternatively, you can pay for the jewellery in 3 monthly instalments with no interest. Very will also send you a monthly statement listing all items you have bought, your outstanding balance and your minimum monthly repayment. You can then settle the balance either online through a credit card or a debit card or by paying over the phone.