Top 2 Catalogues for Petite Women

If you find it difficult to get clothes to fit, you’re not alone. Many consumers are shunning the UK high street and searching for clothes on the internet instead, where they can choose from thousands of different items in one place. Catalogue retailers have become particularly popular with petite women who are looking for the latest fashion and want to spread the cost of their order over time. Here are the top 2 catalogues for petite women.

petite women

1. M&Co

M&Co is a popular catalogue brand that lets women pay for their order in monthly instalments. The company specialises in the latest fashion, with clothes available for women who are 5 foot 3 and under. Here, you’ll find clothes in sizes that range from 8 to 18.

Opening a new credit account with M&Co is easy. You can make an application on their website or over the phone and receive an instant decision about your application in a quick time frame. Once you’ve been accepted, your welcome documents will be sent to your home address, including your unique customer number. You’ll also receive a statement every month, which will include information about your credit limit and any purchases you have made in that billing period.

Other benefits to opening a new credit account with M&Co include flexible returns, various delivery options, excellent customer service and more choice than you will find from traditional retailers on the UK high street. You can even use a promotional code on your order to save more money.

2. Lookagain

Lookagain is a catalogue that sells clothes for women including those who are 5 foot 5 and under, with loads of different garments to choose from, including dresses, shirts, skirts, shoes, accessories and much more. Their website is really easy to navigate, too. Check out the landing page for the latest products and special offers or head to individual product pages for specifications and delivery information.

There are other benefits too such as opening a new credit account with Lookagain. You can spread the cost of your payments and repay your order in monthly instalments, for example. You can make repayments in a number of different ways, including over the phone or by logging into your personal account on the Lookagain website.

Lookagain’s clothes are constantly changing throughout the year, so remember to check back with them on a regular basis. The company is also known for its special offers, where you could make a considerable saving. Use a promotional code when prompted during the checkout stage to save cash too.