The Blackberry Playbook 2 on Credit

This latest revised version of the BlackBerry PlayBook was designed to address all the shortcomings of the original tablet. It features a 7in screen with a metal casing and rubberised back which makes secure and comfortable to hold.

blackberry playbook 2

This is a solid and well built device that feels sturdy enough to withstand the occasional knock and drop. There is a decent enough 5 megapixel rear camera capable of video capture at 1080p and, a 3 megapixel front-facing camera for video calling, but the standout feature is the 1024×600 resolution screen, which offers vibrant colours and impressive viewing angles.

What’s more when using the touchscreen it is accurate and responsive. Battery life is equal to the best of the bunch with a whopping 8.5 hours of mixed use available from a full charge. The latest PlayBook operating system offers solid enhancements too, some of which even outclass the best of the competition, the only real downside is the relative lack of apps compared to any iPad or Android tablet.

The PlayBook’s Web browser is good and features HTML5 support, beating the iOS 5 and the Android 4 Ice Cream Sandwich in HTML5 Tests. Overall the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.0 is a great device to hold and use, small enough to carry anywhere, with an impressive display. If BlackBerry could get developers to produce more apps to their platform, this would be truly excellent device.

But, as it things stand, it’s a real bargain at under £200 and still a decent alternative to the popular Apple and Android tablets. The BlackBerry PlayBook 2 is available now from all major UK catalogues on affordable credit plans including Buy Now Pay Later.