SCS Finance Options 2018

Furniture, flooring, electricals, and more. If you are shopping for home goods, SCS is a great online catalogue to go through. When you are ready to checkout, there are several financing options to choose from as well, allowing you to save and buy more when shopping for your home. These are a few of the financing options available to customers of the catalogue site.


Customers can pay with all major credit cards for online orders. Additionally, you can choose to spread the cost out over a period of up to 4-years when ordering online. And, with a 0% APR on orders which exceed a certain limit, you don’t have to worry about exceedingly high interest rates doubling the purchase total you are ordering when placing orders with an online financing account.

Financing is available to nearly any customer who is older than 18 and provides proof of residency and income. There are certain restrictions. Those who have filed for bankruptcy or have a judgment pending in county court may be declined for financing. It is best to speak with a financing team-member to determine eligibility and spread the cost financing options available for you.

A minimum £59 deposit is due if you are approved for financing however you can pay a higher balance if you choose to do so. From there your equal monthly payments, which are interest-free with spread the cost financing, will be set. You will receive your bill every 30-days and can make your payments online directly through your account.

To be approved for interest-free financing a minimum of £310 has to be ordered. For these payments, a 6-month repayment period would be offered. The higher the value, the longer customers can enjoy interest-free financing (for up to 48-months). There are online guides you can use to help determine the monthly payment, based on order total, repayment duration, and the total down payment you choose to put down when ordering items through SCS.

For those who are furnishing the home, installing new flooring, or buying rugs and other home goods, SCS is a major UK catalogue which offers exceptional financing and repayment options. With interest free options, not only can you afford more, but also avoid extremely high interest fees, on items you’re purchasing. These are some of the basics as it relates to applying for and opening a new SCS account when financing the purchase of items ordered with the catalogue site.