Repayment Periods

Catalogue shopping gives customers the option to spread their payments out over a period of 3-24 months, to buy now pay later for many items, plus the option of interest free payments if items are paid for in full or occasionally with special buy now pay later offers. Please find below a brief summary of the most popular catalogues and their payment options.

payment period
  • Simply Be – payments can be spread over 12 months but there is no interest free credit option, however customers have at least 28 days of interest free credit if they pay the balance in full before due date on statement.
  • Fashion World – Pay for goods over 24 months with a Fashionworld personal account, as with other catalogues if you choose to pay for the items in full when you receive your staement than you can get up to 28 days interest free.
  • Marisota – With Marisota if you pay for the goods in full before the due date shown on your statement on which the goods are charged, no interest charge will be debited to your account. Like most other catalogues this can mean around 28 days interest free credit. However, if you don’t pay in full by then, interest accruing from the date of purchase will be charged on the price of the goods
  • JD Williams – Choose to pay for what you want in full, and you won’t be charged any interest. Alternatively you can spread the cost over 12 months with a JD Williams Personal Account.
  • Jacamo – Again if you pay for the goods in full there will no be interest charged, or you can choose to spread the payments over 12 months with a personal account.
  • Vertbaudet – The minimum monthly payment is 5% of the balance owed or £5, whichever is the greater with payments due 21 days after the statement date. If you pay off your entire bill in the first month, you will not be charged any interest.
  • The Brilliant Gift Shop – Spread payments over 12 months with the minimum monthly payment being a twelfth of the cash purchase price. Once again even though there is no interest free deal as such, you can effectively get 28 days interest free by paying in full before due date.

Any credit provided is subject to the customer successfully passing the credit and affordability checks. Terms and conditions apply.