Renting a Laptop and Paying Weekly

Looking for a new laptop? Rent to own options are available to UK shoppers. But, which ones are the best? These are the top 3 websites where you can rent-to-own a laptop, for a reasonable price, and where you can find an extensive selection of the latest machines to choose from.


1. Hardsoftcomputers-
With over 25 years in the industry the company offers reasonable lease to own options, and they are Apple authorised professionals. They offer the option to own with only £1 down, and finance interest charges are determined by credit. Support and warranty on all purchases, and accidental damage coverage, are a few of the perks they offer customers online.

2. Bayv-
The company is considered a “buy as you view,” laptop and electrical supplier. Weekly payments, no deposit required, and delivery within 72 hours of online order. Instant approval for most leasers, flexible payment options, and with dozens of laptop pay weekly options, you aren’t limited in brand, quality, or the different available versions of products you can rent to own with the company.

3. Dialatv –
At Dial A TV, you can also rent to own TV sets, new laptops, and home electronics in no time. You can use these items, and keep them at the end of the payment term, or choose to upgrade to a newer model. Repairs, warranties, replacement costs, are all included in your weekly payment and interest charges. So, by the end of the payment term, you aren’t left with any surprise fees or costs. You retain possession, and once fully paid, you are the owner of the laptop you were paying for each week.

Although many people turn away from rent to own options, with the right catalogue, you can find a fair deal. These are three of the top options for UK customers who want to pay off a purchase over time.