Pay Later on Macbooks with Bad Credit

Do you have credit problems? Do you have bad credit and not know how to recover or overcome it? To top it, are you still desperate to own a Macbook? No problem, Littlewoods has financing options for those with bad credit history.


You can own a Macbook and still improve your credit score gradually over time. Yes, it is possible. Littlewoods allows you to purchase a Macbook and allows you to pay on weekly basis at a very low interest or completely interest free basis depending on the brands. If you make the payments on time, Littlewoods also reevaluates your credit history. This will also further help you clear previous defaults and refresh your credit history over time.

On average a Macbook is priced at around £900. Littlewoods allows you to pay weekly installments of £15.00 for over 60 weeks or £30.00 over a period of 30 weeks. Littlewoods also has schemes for payment on monthly basis. You can also go for the buy now and pay later scheme where you can pay the amount in totality over two or three years.