New Kitchen on Finance

Until a few years ago, borrowing money for a kitchen remodelling project meant going to the bank and hoping that the loan officer would be so kind to assist you in getting a long-term loan. However, things are much simpler today. You have a wide variety of options when it comes to getting a new kitchen on finance. Here is how you can get a loan for your new beautiful kitchen.


1. Apply for a loan:
This is the standard option you have at your disposal to finance your new kitchen remodelling project. You can easily apply for a loan directly on the internet on one of the kitchen finance sites available. There are hundreds of companies that offer kitchen finance, including but not limited to Magnet, Ikea, Homebase and The kitchen depot.

On each of these sites you can buy now and pay later using the finance options or Homebase card available to customers. For instance, at Homebase you have three options to finance your new kitchen:

– Homebase card: Buy now and pay later with a 29.9% APR for purchases under £1000

– Finance option: Buy now and pay only in 2016 with only a fixed £29 settlement fee for purchases over £1000.

– Fixed monthly payments: 4.9% APR when you spend more than £1000.

You can take advantage of either of these options to finance your new kitchen and save money in the long run. Each kitchen finance website has its own options and features, so do not hesitate to enter online and explore all the options you have to finance your kitchen.

2. No-interest credit card:
You also have the option to purchase what you need for your new kitchen using a no-interest or low-interest credit card. This options helps you stay on top of your expenses without dipping into your savings.

3. Home-equity loans:
Lastly, you can get an entire loan and pay it over a 30 years period, with a fixed interest rate.