Negatives of Home Shopping Catalogues

Catalogues are very popular among people who do shopping from the comfort of their home. Most people who use them argue that the process is very easy, and it allows them to order almost everything using the catalogues, and at the comfort of their home. Despite these advantages, home shopping catalogues have several drawbacks that might become expensive in the end if you are not very careful.

Catalogues might not reflect the actual details
When shopping using catalogues, the details contained in the catalogue might not reflect the actual details of the item you want. It is therefore possible to find yourself in a situation where you bought something nice, only to find that the delivered item is completely different from what you asked. Some of these discrepancies arise from using enhanced pictures of the items, which showcase an inaccurate depiction of the real item.

There is no option of trying something on
When shopping at a physical location, you have the option of trying on the product you are buying. However, this is not the case when using home shopping catalogues. Since you cannot try on the products, your only option is to trust the details and descriptions offered, which sometimes might turn out to be inaccurate.

Items might be more expensive
One of the main negatives of home shopping catalogues is that the items sold are usually more expensive than those sold at a physical store. Catalogues are expensive to design, and most businesses will transfer this cost to the customers. In addition, shopping using catalogues does not allow you to bargain. The end result is buying items that are more expensive.

There is a high chance of delayed delivery
At a physical location, you receive the item you are purchasing immediately after making payment. Items bought using shopping catalogues on the other hand take time to be delivered, and there is always a high chance of delayed delivery. This might be a bit upsetting, especially if you were buying the item for a specific occasion.

Limited space
Since the catalogues are small, there is a limited amount of space to showcase the items being sold. Most catalogues will thus only feature a few pictures of the products and a short description. This information is usually not enough to make an informed buying decision, and most of the customers find themselves buying items they would otherwise have not purchased at a physical location.
In addition to inadequate information, the limited space in the catalogue also means that you only have access to a limited variety of items to choose from.

Catalogues might still be a popular home shopping tool, but they come with their fair share of disadvantages, which might result in bad choices when purchasing items. It is thus important that you carefully consider these shortcomings of using home shopping catalogues before you use them to shop for items.