Men’s Suits & Shirts from Fashion World

When it comes to picking a new suit, your choice in fabric will depend on the time of year. Obviously avoid thick fabrics in the summer, when a breezy cotton or linen suit will be more comfortable(unless you are doing a lot of travelling – linen suits will crease badly after a long journey).
Mens suits and shirts
However, wool suits can be worn all year round depending on the fabric’s density. The finest wool suits a high thread count or “super”, with the finest of all being a 450 thread count, but this extremely delicate, so if choosing wool it’s best to go for a thread count in the 100 to 200 range if you want a suit that will last.

Good suit jackets will have a fully-lined interior, and this lining is a great way to add a flash of colour to an otherwise sombre design. For best effect choose a lining should that complements the majority of your shirts. Patterned or bright colour linings work best with clean white shirts for example.

The shirt range at Fashion World is huge, literally a shirt for everyone no matter your size, shape or preferred style. Sizes range from 38 to 72 in long and short sleeves, with prices starting from just £10. The Fashion World suit collection allows you to choose from timeless two-piece, tailored separates or the full waistcoat, jacket and trousers, to ensure you look and feel the business when you need it most.

All the best brands for suits and shirts are available in the Fashion World catalogue online, including Ben Sherman, Black Label by Jacamo, Daniel Grahame, Double Two , Flintoff by Jacamo, Jekyll & Hyde, Premier Man, Rael Brook and Wellington.