Mail Order Catalogues in the UK

Catalogues might offer an alternative to shoppers who want more choice and flexibility when it comes to payment options and products, but do you know where these originated? And what the current state of play is in the UK? Here’s a brief history of mail order catalogues and two brands that you should check out in 2016.

catalogue shopping


Pryce Pryce-Jones, a Welsh businessman, started the first mail order company in the late 1800s when he sold local Welsh flannel. The national postal service – which was set up in 1840 – also made it easier for companies to sell products via mail in the future. However, it wasn’t until the 20th century that the mail order industry started booming. Now there is a wide range of catalogues that offer different products – from home electronics to plus size clothes, gifts to toys for children – which often provide catalogue finance options for customers who don’t want to pay for an item in one go. Internet technology has also offered more flexibility for catalogue brands, enabling them to sell their products and services online.

Here are two examples of modern catalogue brands in the UK.

1. LookAgain

If you are looking for fun female fashion, look no further than LookAgain! The retailer has garnered a loyal fan base with its wide range of boutique labels and big-name brands and offers finance options to its ever-expanding customer base. When you open a new account with the company, you could be eligible for 28-days interest-free credit on your order if you clear your balance in time. LookAgain has a wide range of products available, including T-shirts, jeans, jackets, shoes and accessories in various sizes and design styles. What’s more, you can use a discount code on your order and save even more money! You’ll receive a statement from the company every month and you can make repayments on the LookAgain website when you log into your account.

2. Curvissa

Curvissa is another UK catalogue that offers interest-free credit. The online superstore has a wide range of clothes for all shapes and sizes, including big name brands and new labels. Searching for a product is easy – just use the navigation menus and search feature on their website. You can also check out the company’s landing page, where you’ll find the latest offers and brand new products. Check the website on a regular basis as Curvissa often have sales and discounts throughout the year, allowing you t bag a bargain. Other features for customers include 14 days home approval and Buy Now Pay Later finance.