Pay Monthly Laptops: Macbooks, Netbooks and Notebooks

Nowadays, everywhere you look, everyone has a laptop that seems to do everything. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a companion that remembers your deadlines, brings your friends closer, speeds up your work, connects you to a plethora of information and even entertains you on your long commute? Their efficiency and easy portability have made laptops the most coveted gadgets on the market. How can all these people afford these hi-tech wonders? Well, a lot of them are taking advantage of ‘pay monthly’ schemes!

The How, What, and Where of Pay Monthly Laptops
Several leading online catalogues like Littlewoods, Lookagain, PC World, etc. have compiled these aspects to formulate a pay monthly plan that makes laptops delightfully affordable!


Example: You purchase a HP 4540 with Windows 7 from Lookagain. Choose the monthly payment option at checkout. After getting approval you are assigned a credit limit which varies depending on your credit history. You can get your laptop right away for free! Then, you have to simply make monthly payments for a set period to clear off the purchase.

Getting Approved
Approval for the laptops on finance plan at any store is dependent on your credit report and score, but the standards are lower than those of credit card or mobile phone companies. If you are a UK-residing over 18 year old with a sufficient income, you are more likely to be approved for a laptop on credit.

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