How to Use & Apply for Paypal Credit

When it comes to applying for PayPal credit, there is really no guesswork involved. In fact, there is no lengthy application process to go through either. It is a simple credit line which is built directly into the PayPal account which you already own and use as a business or as a consumer on the site. The application process takes a matter of minutes and the approval time is going to be just as quick for those who apply directly on the site.


Applying for your line of credit –
To apply simply click on the apply now link which is directly located on the PayPal site; from there you will be prompted to answer a couple of questions and the application process will have been completed. Upon completing your application, an instant approval is also given to those who apply through the site, along with the credit limit which you are going to receive and have access to right away if you are approved for a line of credit.

About your credit line –
Once approved, you can use your PayPal credit card to make thousands of purchases which you would directly make through your PayPal consumer or business account. Depending on your credit score and type of promotion, you might be offered: no payment + no interest if the entire balance is paid off within 6 to 9 months time. Another promotion which might be offered to you includes No interest if the balance is paid off in 6, 12, or 18 months, depending on the order total which you spend when using your credit card. Again, these promotions are not available to every applicant, but may be offered to some at the time of approval.

Upon approval, you can begin using your credit card as you would use any other credit or debit card where accepted. The APR of 19.9% will be charged to your account on the posting date from which a purchase is made (unless you were offered an interest free promotion during your application). Most applicants when approved are given a credit line and this will increase from there based on credit history, payment history and other factors. Additionally, if a payment is late to your account, a fee may be charged on the account.

There is really no guesswork when it comes to applying for this credit card, and if approved, you can begin enjoying the perks of interest free shopping on eBay, as well as with other online merchants which accept the card right away.