How to Spread the Cost on a Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch not only allows you to play on your console, but also wherever, whenever, and with whomever you want to play. There are several great games, including new games and the classic Nintendo games. But, as is the case with any new gaming system, the cost of purchasing the new Nintendo Switch is quite costly up front. Before deciding to purchase, consider a few of these catalogues which offer buy now, pay weekly financing for your new system.


Curry’s offers weekly financing for your Nintendo Switch. The on-the-go gaming system allows you to play anywhere, and with anyone, connecting up to 8 consoles at a time. With the buy-now, pay weekly financing available when purchasing the new system, weekly payments as low as £5 are available for some consumers based upon the repayment duration and other items being purchased when financing.

PC World also offers weekly financing options for the Nintendo Switch. In addition to the console, you can also choose from Dance-Dance Revolution, and other gaming accessories and bundles, for your new gaming console. Weekly and monthly financing options are available when financing the purchase of the gaming system you want to order.

Very provides customers interest-free weekly payments, for periods of 52 months or longer. When spending over £100 on the site, customers enjoy up to 6-month to repay without incurring interest. With a price of nearly £300, not only will you enjoy longer interest-free financing, but very low weekly payments when getting a Nintendo Switch with Very.

Littlewoods, Argos, Game and others also promote weekly repayment options for customers who choose to finance the purchase of the Nintendo Switch gaming console. In addition to low monthly payments these are some of the most reputable online catalogues meaning you don’t have to worry about fees or hidden charges when placing your order, and with different package and bundle options you can further save when ordering through these sites.

You don’t have to forego or put off purchasing pricey items because you can’t afford the entire purchase price up front. With these catalogues, you can choose pay-weekly options for your new Nintendo Switch along with bundle packages. You can also save on the overall cost with many interest free promotions offered throughout the year.