Fridges on Finance: Free-Standing, Built-In and Built Under Refridgerators

There is not much we can say to convince you to buy a fridge because you either need one or you don’t. The cost of food that goes spoilt and its health risks outweigh the price of a refrigerator. However, buying a fridge cannot be done on a whim. Most of the time, our finances are burdened enough just with paying bills. In a situation like this, a great option to consider is to buy a fridge on finance.


Pay monthly deals are a great way to spread costs over a long period thus allowing you to spend money on other things. Stores like Tesco, Currys, Littlewoods and Gimmitech offer credit options on fridges of all types including stand alone and built in. It is important to mention that when applying for credit from these stores, they will credit check you.

Get Appliances is not one to fall behind either. With an extensive catalogue, reliable products and pay monthly schemes starting from as low as £6 a month, they are the go to choice for a refrigerator. They are also very willing to let you pay in unequal installments according to your convenience.

Currys has improvised on the basic pay monthly scheme. With their ‘Whatever Happens’ plans, you will have practically insured your fridge against even the tiniest of hassles. All you have to do is opt for their pay monthly payment plan and you get the ‘Whatever Happens’ plan as a bonus.

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