Daxon Personal Account

Shopping through the Daxon catalogue? What will a Daxon Personal Account offer you in terms of spending, saving, and payment options? Depending on order total, your credit score, approval limit, and the variable interest rate you are offered, there are a number of benefits one will realise when shopping after they open their new Daxon Personal Account online.


What benefits to account holders receive?
-Sending money right away with no fees/charges.
-The ability to pay later on purchase.
-Free returns and no payment until monthly statement is received.
-Customers can opt to spread the cost or pay it up front to avoid interest charges.

Another great benefit that account holders are going to receive when opening their new Daxon Personal Account is the fact that they will receive 10% off of the purchase they make. So, whether spending 10 pounds or 1000 pounds, you will receive a great discount on the order being placed when you are ready to make the first time purchase as a new account holder with this great catalogue.

How do you apply?
The next time you are shopping on the catalogue site, simply select the pay later option and you will be taken to the application page so you can apply for your new Daxon Personal Account. From there you are prompted to enter personal information, limit request amount, and will be offered an instant approval in most cases (of course depending on limit request and credit score for applicants).

Special promos are always offered to Daxon Personal Account as well. Presently customers can take advantage of 15% off as well as free delivery on their next order.

You can shop through dozens of online catalogues but not all offer great terms, variable rates, and great promos to their account holders. With your new Daxon Personal Account this is just what you are going to receive as an account holder. Add in the benefit of free shipping and great discounts, and customers have flexible options for paying. With buy now or pay over time, you choose what your payments look like, how much interest you will pay, or can forego this, and simply choose to pay the entire balance up front, after you have opened your new line of credit on an Daxon Personal Account.