Pay Monthly Cookers: Gas, Electric, Ovens and Microwaves

Paying monthly on a gas or electric cooker is one of the best solutions for anyone who is after a new cooker. Whether they need one because they’ve just moved home, their last cooker broke, or just because they want a new one, buying a cooker on finance saves you a lot of worry.


These days, most of us have a mobile phone contract and the great thing about them is that you only pay a small monthly fee for a set contract period. It is exactly the same when you buy a cooker, oven or microwave on credit from a UK catalogue.

The only difference is that most pay monthly stores charge interest on credit purchases so you will end up paying a bit more than you would if you bought it outright. However, the positives to tend to outweigh the negatives, such as getting the cooker now rather than later.

Stores and Catalogues
Stores like Homebuy, Get Appliances and Littlewoods have come up with fantastic pay monthly/weekly schemes on cookers. This means you pay back what you owe in lump sums each month, and you can often choose the time period you wish to pay within. Please note that credit is only offered once the customer has passed the credit/affordability checks.

There are also catalogues like Littlewoods that offer buy now and pay later options so if you feel that you can save the money within a certain time period you could opt for this payment option instead.

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