Clothing, Accessories and Shoes on Finance

Everyone needs some new clothes at some point and in some cases, you may need a whole new wardrobe. Perhaps you’ve lost a lot of weight or fancy a complete change of style, whatever the reason, we may have a solution for you. The issue most of us have when buying new clothes is the price. Designer clothes are increasing in price every year, as such, being able to warrant paying a large lump sum on a new coat or pair of shoes is difficult. This is where pay monthly stores earn their worth. They allow you to buy what you want immediately and pay for it over a long period in small monthly installments.


Any man looking for some new clothing should browse the variety of catalogues such as Lookagain and Freemans. With affordable monthly installments spread out over a period of one to two years, Freemans is a catalogue you don’t want to miss. The only downside is that if you spread the cost you’re likely to end up paying interest. But on the plus side you get to decide how much you wish to pay each month. There are plenty of stores which offer a two week trial period so if you’re not happy with what you’ve bought you can return it.



If you’re looking to buy womens clothes and accessories on finance then online catalogues are the answer. Splurge on some luxurious lingerie, try out great jackets and skirts from Isme or find something elegant and sophisticated from Lookagain. Lookagain lets you spread the cost of your purchase over 24 months. Isme has a variable APR and a flexible installment scheme, as does Littlewoods and Very. With up to a maximum period of two years, you can pay up any amount you like every month. Credit provided subject to successful credit and affordability checks.