Chest Freezers on Finance from Very

Chest freezers do the job of helping you store food items in a compact corner of your room. While purchasing a chest freezer you must ensure that it serves as a handy storage basket with a good capacity and comes with moderate energy consumption and manual temperature control.

chestfreezer on finance

Very offers a range of such chest freezers for its customers to choose from. Once the choice has been made, customers can go ahead and make payments in monthly interest free installments that help spread the final product cost over a course of 3-12 months.

Starting at £249.00, the RCAA17PM 105 Litre Chest Freezer by Hotpoint can be purchased at a monthly interest free rate of £83.00 for 3 months. The model is white in colour, offers manual temperature control and a super freeze function as well. For the same price, one can also purchase the SR4071W 246 Litre Chest Freezer by Swan, a white coloured horizontal chest freezer with manual defrost and adjustable thermostat features. Moving lower on the price scale, for £149.00, you can get the SR4042W 100 Litre Chest Freezer model at monthly interest free rates of £49.67 for 3 months.

As you can see, there is quite a large range of chest freezers to choose from when you shop at If you’re looking at re-furnishing your kitchen you may also want to check out electric cookers.