Catalogues for First Time Credit Customers

Don’t have an established line of credit? Have a low credit score because of bankruptcy or missed payments in the past? Or is it the first time you are applying for a line of credit? No matter what the case or your situation, there are quite a few catalogues which will offer financing terms and options to you as a first time applicant. When choosing where to apply, these are some of the top contenders from which you can choose from.


Argos –
If you want reputable, well known, high approval rates, great financing, and a variety of options from which to purchase, this is the site to visit. Pay monthly, pay weekly, reasonable interest rates, high approval rate, and very little is required when the time comes to apply for your first card.

Dial a TV –
If you are shopping for a TV, electronics, dishwasher, or other appliance, this is another well known, reputable site, which has a high acceptance/approval rate. Not only that, they offer zero interest and intro payments on many purchases. They offer buy now pay later, as well as rent to own options when you choose to apply with this catalogue as a first time or bad credit applicant.

Studio 24 –
A catalogue which prides itself on a wide range of product lines, also prides itself on ease of application. For applicants, all you need is a steady income/weekly pay check, need to be 18, have permanent residence, and fill out a quick and easy application form. From well-known clothing brands, to top holiday decorations or gifts, you can find it all on the site, and easily purchase it once you apply for a line of credit with the site.

Look again –
This clothing site is a great catalogue to shop with for low prices, great deals, great looks, plus sizes, and top brands. If you don’t have great credit or are a first time credit customer, it is also a catalogue which offers a very high acceptance rate. And, even if you aren’t accepted on your own, you can have a co-signer, which will make applications even easier for you if you have trouble getting approved elsewhere.

No matter what you are shopping for, these sites have it. And, even if you have a less than stellar credit score or have tried elsewhere only to be declined, these sites are ideal for you to try again and likely get the approval you seek.