Car Stereos on Credit from Home Catalogues

In-car entertainment options have come a long way from simply choosing between AM and FM radio stations, the tape deck, and a CD player. Today you have compressed digital-audio formats such as MP3, portable music players such as the iPod, a range of digital-audio storage devices such as USB flash drives and SD cards, plus satellite radio. In addition you have Bluetooth technology which can stream calls and music from mobile phones through car audio systems.
car stereos
Car stereos have rapidly evolved over the last few years to accommodate additional technology and features. Increasingly, car stereos are no longer just used for playing audio, many larger systems feature touch screen LCD displays with integrated GPS navigation and the ability to play DVD video and watch movies (though not while driving of course).

UK catalogues offer a great range of car audio products to keep the family entertained on long journeys, many of which come as standard with iPod connectivity and include compact portable DVD players. The most popular payment method with catalogues is with a Personal Account. When catalogues open a credit account they’ll give you a credit limit which is normally at least £100. After purchase there will be a minimum payment due and you will receive a statement every 28 days. Many catalogues also offer buy now pay later options on orders over £100 with a non payment period of up to 12 months.