Pay Monthly on Appliances: Cookers, Fridges, Washing Machines and more

Home appliances are an integral part of every house, just as much as the furniture and carpets. They make life a lot easier and let you have time to do the things you love most. However, good technology comes at a hefty price and most of us find it difficult to afford the kind of prices associated with cookers and other appliances. This where pay monthly payment options come in to play.

Washing Machines

Most households these days aren’t complete without a washing machine in their kitchen or utility room. The main problem that most of us have when it comes to buying one is, they’re so damn expensive! This is where paying monthly on washing machines comes in handy. Gimmitech offer some fantastic deals for people looking to buy a washing machine on finance with brands such as Beko, Bosch, Hotpoint, Zanussi and Whirlpool. The front load models are in vogue, and start at only £23/month!


Cookers & Dishwashers

Cookers and dishwashers go hand-in-hand in any household; after cooking, you eat and then wash up. Purchasing a brand new cooker or dishwasher can be a daunting task and most of us will try to put it off until we’ve got enough money that we won’t notice it disappearing. There is another way though! Finance options from some online stores allow you pay for an appliance on a monthly basis thus making things far more affordable. With dishwashers starting at just £22.50/month and cookers at only £25/month!


Fridges & Freezers

Fridges and freezers are an essential item in any kitchen, as such, they tend to be quite expensive if you pay for it in one lump sum, with most fridge freezer combos starting from around £400. With pay monthly options offered by online stores such as Gimmitech, you can get them from just £40/month! They tend to have quite a varied selection of models and brands so if you’re particular about something you shouldn’t have any problems. If you’re only after a fridge or a freezer you will find even cheaper monthly prices!


Vacuum Cleaners

One way to pay for a vacuum cleaner like a brand new Dyson is to pay for it on finance. Getting a hoover on finance is quite easy, all you need to do is apply for a credit account and choose how you want to pay it off. Most stores offer pay monthly options and even a few offer pay weekly although these do tend to have much lower acceptance rates. Monthly prices at Gimmitech start from just £11 per month with brands such as Dyson and Vax, as well as upright, lightweight and bagless cleaners to choose from.