Alternatives to UK Catalogues

Making a purchase from a UK catalogue can provide you with a number of advantages. You’ll be able to pay for your products in small instalments, and have any items that you order delivered to your front door. You can choose from thousands of different items, including products manufactured by the world’s biggest brands. However, there are a number of alternatives to catalogues that still offer finance. Here are two alternatives to UK catalogues, focusing on the benefits of each.

1. Store cards
Store cards allow you to purchase an item from a retailer and then pay for it in instalments – usually on a monthly basis. Once you have been approved by the company, your gift card will arrive in the post. You will be sent a statement every month that will detail the products you have purchased, the credit limit on your personal account, and the minimum amount you will need to pay. You can then make payment for your order via a number of different ways.

If the retailer has a presence on the UK high street, like Argos or PC World, you can visit the store and speak to a staff member. Alternatively, you can pay via phone, email, or post. Different companies will have various policies when it comes to making repayments, so make sure you do your research before opening a brand new personal account with a retailer. With a store card, you can browse through different items on the company’s online store, make a purchase, and then have the item delivered to your home address.

2. Buy Now, Pay Later
Another type of credit that is offered by retailers is Buy Now, Pay Later. This will enable you to purchase an expensive item and then pay for it at a later date.

Many stores provide this service, and many offer an interest-free period (where you will not be charged interest for a period of time, such as 6 months or 12 months). Once you have reached the end of this period, you will need to pay for the item in full to avoid a higher rate of interest.

Using Buy Now, Pay Later can be useful if you don’t want to stump up the cash for an item like a new television, laptop, or washing machine in one go and pay for the item upfront. Both gift cards and Buy Now, Pay Later will let you stick to your budget.