A Guide to EasyBuyUK

Since it was established in 2007, Easybuy continues to give customers the opportunity to acquire goods and services they want, on an easy flexible payment terms. Easybuy.uk allows its customer to make repayments on their preferred terms from 13 weeks to 140, while they get the liberty of using the products.

easy buy

Great deals on great flexible terms sound amazing. With the product categories on the site, it is easier for customer to choose and compare products. In an Overview of Easybuy-uk products provides detailed definition and bulleted specification, for easy comparison with other products.

The purchases can be paid using any major debit cards at no extra cost. You also have the option of getting the product deliver at your doorstep within the same day and even get £10 discount on your balance for every customer referral.

The new repayment calculator found at the bottom of each product page, makes it easy for the customer to know the best and easy flexible payment terms for the product that they are purchasing. This amazing calculator allows customers to have an idea, as to how much they need to pay based on the numbers of weeks they choose.

On the terms and conditions it says that the products are given to customer on a rent-to-own basis. They can also be the sole owner of the product, once the amount paid in rent that suffices the full payable amount. Customers are also allowed to return the product if they can no longer complete the payment terms, given that the product is still in good condition. Easybuy-uk is regulated by Consumer Credit Act of 1974 and the Financial Conduct Authority, which makes it more convenient and reliable for the customers.

Customer services and warranty provides information on how a customer can secure warranty for the product they are renting. A customer has the option to have their products insured after 60days through an extended warranty from Retra Warranty Services. The Retra Warranty Services will cover the product(s)against accidental damage (excluding theft) during the warranty period.

Easybuy-uk customer service can be reached through their hotline between 9:00am to 5:00pm Mondays to Fridays or you can send them an email, they guarantee a response within 24hours. You can also visit their website and fill up their contact form to get more information on your application, your account and other product related inquiries. You can also inquire about the other service Easybuy-uk provides such as; full fitting service, parts exchange service and installation and disposal services.

The easybuy.uk service covers the entire Hull area and is continuously expanding in East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. If you are outside this area, do not give up yet. Give them a call and they may still be able to service your location. You can also get updates on their latest product and exciting offers by subscribing to their newsletter, located at the bottom of every page.

Easybuy-uk services and products are unbelievable. The website has been the talk of the town for its fast, reliable, helpful and friendly service. The online store that allows you to take home and use the products, while paying for it. The new redesigned website of www.easybuy.uk made it look more elegant and much easier to navigate for customers.